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Vivid Learning

A GE Healthcare Ultrasound Webinar Series

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Cultivate your knowledge of Speckle Tracking Strain

"Strain Imaging: Methods, Cases and Outcomes" presented by Christian S Breburda, MD, PhD, FACC, FASE, FESC will help expand your understanding of the myocardial deformation and how speckle tracking is leading the way in the assessment of myocardial function.

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How Ultrasound Supports the COVID-19 Patient Journey

Dr. Jonny Wilkinson addresses the role of point of care ultrasound in the COVID-19 patient journey from the community to the emergency department to the ICU. Hear valuable insights from Dr. Wilkinson and learn what to look for when assessing patients with this disease. This webinar includes Q&A with Dr. Wilkinson on lung ultrasound exams and preferred probes and settings, cardiac scanning at bedside, overall challenges to treating COVID-19 patients, PPE, and more. This webinar was originally broadcast live on Thursday April 16 2020.

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Disinfect and Protect Your Ultrasound Transducers

Dr. Ruth Carrico and Bob DeJong present "Beyond Endocavitary: The Importance of Probe Disinfection" to cover guidelines and standards for probe reprocessing, and common invasive ultrasound procedures.

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Proper techniques and environment changes to reduce injury

Presented by Carolyn Coffin, MPH, RDMS, RVT, RDCS; this webinar will help you understand proper scanning techniques and environment ergonomics to reduce sonographer injury.

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